• SEAN SCULLY: Figure Abstract

    Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany

    This illuminating presentation focuses on the relationship between Scully’s early figurative studies and the resolute abstraction of his mature work, tracing the influence of both Modern European and Abstract Expressionist painting.

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  • EDDIE MARTINEZ: Vanitas – Contemporary Reflections on Love and Death

    The Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, USA

    Taking works from the prolific collection of Stéphane Janssen, The Phoenix Art Museum has brought together an exhibition which considers the pictorial trope of vanitas. At once celebrating and regretting the transient nature of the earthly sphere, the vanitas has continued to be an important symbol in art since its emergence in Northern Europe in the 16th Century.

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  • JESSICA JACKSON HUTCHINS: Living in the Material World

    Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria

    Jessica Jackson Hutchins is included in the group exhibition Living in the Material World, which has recently opened at the Galerie in Taxispalais in Innsbruck, Austria, having toured from the Kunstmuseen Krefeld in Germany. The exhibition focuses on a concern for materiality in contemporary art, considering this within the context of a digitised, ‘post-material’ world.
    The twelve artists featured have been chosen for their appropriation of tangible material as a means of creating and exploring visual narratives. Jessica Jackson Hutchins’ is represented by her sculpture Venus, 2013.

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  • FIONA RAE: Weltenbummler

    Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg, Austria

    Fiona Rae’s Wonderland, 2004 is featured in group exhibition Weltenbummler at The Essl Museum, in Klosterneuburg. Initiated by the museum’s education
    team, it showcases works from the collection not previously displayed in public. The German term Weltenbummler (approximately translated as ‘globetrotter’)
    combines the yearning for distant lands, the curiosity for novel sights and the joy of discovery. Curated by Andreas Hoffner.

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