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Antoni Tàpies
Antoni Tàpies, 1923 — 2012

The work of Antoni Tàpies investigates the existential ‘void’ through a diverse creative output that shares a clear unifying quality: the suggestion of something that lies beyond the material world but is only sensed in its absence. Tàpies’ early work drew inspiration from ‘primitive’ children’s art and the Surrealists, whose work he was introduced to by Spanish art journals. Later, Tàpies was drawn to the Art Informel movement and in turn Abstract Expressionism, whilst exhibiting for the first time in New York in 1953. This new style, corporeal and visceral, expressed the artist’s unquenchable thirst to reflect the unsettling incertitude of the human condition.

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Perfil negre, 2011, Paint on canvas
Personatge, 2011, Mixed media on wood
‘Frontisses’ (Hinges), 2010, Mixed media on canvas
Formes en lespai, 2009, Mixed media on canvas
Signes sobre marro, 2009, Paint on wood
‘Ulls blancs’ (White eyes), 2007, Paint and collage on paper



Antoni Tàpies – Timothy Taylor