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Kiki Smith
Kiki Smith, 1954

Kiki Smith’s practice addresses the philosophical, social and spiritual aspects of human nature. By manipulating everyday materials such as glass, ceramic, fabric and paper, Smith’s work examines the dichotomy between the psychological and physiological power of the body.

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Eagle in the Pines, 2017, Bronze with patina
Harbor, (Ocean-rocks-birds), 2015, Cotton Jacquard tapestry
Sojourn, 2015, Jacquard tapestry
Visitor (Stars, multiple crescent moons), 2015, Jacquard tapestry
Spinners (Moths & spiders webs), 2014, Jacquard tapestry with hand painting and gold leaf Ed 6 of 10, 2 APs, 2 SPs, 1 or 2 TPs
Congregation, 2014, Jacquard tapestry



Kiki Smith – Timothy Taylor