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Armen Eloyan
Armen Eloyan, 9 September23 October 2021, New York

Timothy Taylor is pleased to present a new exhibition of paintings by Armen Eloyan (b. 1966, Yerevan, Armenia) in New York.

Eloyan has navigated between figurative satire and abstraction, painting and sculpture throughout his career, exploring existential narratives centered around storytelling and cartoons without ideological restraint. In the past year, however, Eloyan has embraced total abstraction, combining a deeply physical and process-based approach to the canvas with a careful examination of color and light in two distinct series of paintings. The resulting works, ranging from starkly monumental monochromes to richly layered and intimate pointillist paintings, stand at the intersection of performance, chance and intuition.

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Armen Eloyan – Timothy Taylor