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Fiona Rae
Fiona Rae, 22 April30 May 2015, London

Timothy Taylor Gallery is delighted to announce its fourth solo exhibition by British artist Fiona Rae.

This new series of greyscale paintings from 2014–2015 marks an exciting and significant development in Rae’s practice. Each painting’s composition predicates a notional figure, whose existence is simultaneously manifested and denied in a theatre of direct performative mark-making. These are abstract compositions teetering on the edge of figuration, expressively rendered in black, white and tones of grey. Within this rigorous and strategic system of hue reduction and subtle balancing of tonal relationships, Rae has nevertheless created an intensely colourful and dynamic suite of paintings that embody both the tropes of high modernist idealism and the distanced manipulations of a Photoshop-inflected present.

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Fiona Rae – Timothy Taylor