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Hilary Pecis: Piecemeal Rhythm
Hilary Pecis: Piecemeal Rhythm, 14 May26 June 2021, London

Timothy Taylor is delighted to present Piecemeal Rhythm, a new exhibition of paintings by the Los Angeles-based artist Hilary Pecis (b. 1979, Fullerton, C.A.) at 15 Bolton Street, London. Pecis paints kaleidoscopic portraits of her Los Angeles environs, spanning interior scenes, cityscapes, still lifes and landscape paintings, that draw from photographs and memories. Piecemeal Rhythm is Pecis’ first solo exhibition in the UK.

The title of the exhibition references the cadences of daily life depicted in Pecis’s paintings, where the casual disarray of intimate objects – crumpled newspapers, books piled on a table, wilting flowers left on a windowsill or blooming under the open sky –allude indirectly to the human presence of family and friends. ‘There’s a rhythm within my paintings: each work has a certain wonky quality, a fluidity that I try to keep throughout the process. There’s much more magic in not knowing how it will all end up,’ Pecis says.

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Hilary Pecis: Piecemeal Rhythm – Timothy Taylor