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ILACIONES, 6 June26 July 2019, New York
Opening reception: Wednesday June 5, 6–8 pm

Jorge Eielson, Luis Flores, Engel Leonardo, Gerd Leufert, Claudia Martínez Garay, Joiri Minaya, Solange Pessoa, Claudia Peña Salinas and Eduardo Terrazas.

Timothy Taylor, New York is pleased to present ILACIONES, a summer group exhibition organized by Danny Baez showcasing nine artists who are either from or influenced by Latin America, connected through their use of traditional techniques and materials informed by their cultural history. ‘Ilaciones’ is translated from Spanish as ‘nexus’ or ‘threads’, referencing the web of connections between the artists through a commonality of material, gesture, and idea.

Each artist’s implementation of material, personal discourse, and theory explores how the creative process is intertwined with manual work, while contextualizing it within a historical dimension. The works deal closely with identity in an era defined by globalization, collectively constituting a political discourse, reinvigorating the exertion and ritual process associated with each artist’s practice.

This exhibition honors El Museo del Barrio’s 50th anniversary and the important and pivotal role of Latinx cultural production in the United States
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ILACIONES – Timothy Taylor