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Jorge Eielson
Jorge Eielson, 14 November 201925 January 2020, New York

Opening Reception: Wednesday 13 November, 6–8pm

Timothy Taylor is honored to present an exhibition of works by Peruvian artist Jorge Eielson at the gallery’s New York location. Organized in close collaboration with the Archivio Jorge Eielson, the exhibition focuses on the artist’s Quipus, a series of knotted, twisted, and stretched canvases that extend into three dimensions. This is the first show of Eielson’s work in New York since his 2016 solo exhibition at Andrea Rosen Gallery. A Quipu by Eielson is currently featured in the exhibition Artist’s Choice: The Shape of Shape, curated by artist Amy Sillman at the newly reopened Museum of Modern Art, New York.

A poet and a visual artist, Eielson is best known for his Quipus series, an exploration of material, form, and communication that he began in 1963 and continued for four decades. The works are conceptual reinterpretations of ancient quipus—a record-keeping system devised by the pre-Columbian Incas of Peru, translated as “talking knots”—and use shape and color to convey meaning. Eielson created his contemporary versions of the ancient device in raw canvas that he stretched, twisted, knotted, and then painted in monochrome or polychrome bands, with each hue, knot, and intersection representing a symbol or word. The torsion and tension of the fabric break out of the two-dimensional boundaries of the flat surface, providing space for additional meanings in Eielson’s singular visual and linguistic system.

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