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Kiki Smith: Woodland
Kiki Smith: Woodland, 13 September27 October 2018, London
Timothy Taylor, London is pleased to present Woodland, an exhibition of tapestries, sculpture and works on paper by Kiki Smith. Produced in collaboration with Magnolia Editions, the tapestries are rich with allegory, conflating Smith’s confrontation of subjects such as identity, mortality and women’s liberation with visual metaphors in the form of mystical creatures and nude human forms.

Through everyday materials such as glass, ceramic, fabric and paper, Smith’s work examines the dichotomy between the psychological and physiological power of the body. Smith’s objects and drawings based on organs, cellular forms, and the human nervous system demonstrate her deep understanding of the body’s intimate functions and delicately balance the global with the personal.



Harbor, (Ocean-rocks-birds), 2015, Cotton Jacquard tapestry
Spinners (Moths & spiders webs), 2014, Jacquard tapestry with hand painting and gold leaf Ed 6 of 10, 2 APs, 2 SPs, 1 or 2 TPs
Favor, 2016, Ink, crayon and gold leaf on Nepalese paper
Foresight, 2016, Ink, crayon and gold leaf on Nepalese paper
Slow, 2016, Ink, crayon and gold leaf on Nepalese paper
Spiral Nebula (Large), 2017, Aluminium
Eagle in the Pines, 2017, Bronze with patina
Underground, 2012, Jacquard tapestry
Earth, 2012, Jacquard tapestry
Parliament (Owls), 2017, Jacquard tapestry
Sojourn, 2015, Jacquard tapestry
Visitor (Stars, multiple crescent moons), 2015, Jacquard tapestry
Kiki Smith: Woodland – Timothy Taylor