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Miquel Barceló: New sculpture and paintings
Miquel Barceló: New sculpture and paintings, 22 June18 August 2001, London
They swim swiftly in the open sea, and come and go as if
they were a single being, numerous and silvery. They inspired
the first torpedo designers. Fishing boats follow their
migration routes. It would be good to know if they’re aware
they were intended as nourishment.
- Submarin, Rodrigo Rey-Rosa

In his second show at the Timothy Taylor Gallery Miquel Barceló will make the unprecedented step of devoting an entire exhibition to a single underwater theme. In the ceramic sculpture and thickly encrusted paintings of pounding waves, sea-bed crustaceans and myriad forms of fish, Barceló gives form and matter to an underwater world that usually remains liquid and beyond reach.
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Miquel Barceló: New sculpture and paintings – Timothy Taylor